Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day - A Different Take: Now with a P.S.

Due to travel and work schedules, Mr. Weston and I are seldom in the same place on Valentine's Day.  This year, I just got back and he is away.  That is OK.  We don't need to buy a $5 card or send  flowers or go out for a special  overpriced restaurant dinner to celebrate.  Valentine's Day, although good for the economy, just seems a bit hokey.  Expressing certain meaningful sentiments should be done often - not just on consumer oriented days.

That being said.  My Valentine treat is to be a bit of an elf and deliver flowers to those who might not be expecting them.

Here are the flowers in process last night.  Stems are cut on these and they are are on the kitchen table ready to go.

These were put in the paper box of a certain widow who lives on our street.  Third year in a row.  She plays along and says that the paper man - though he changes frequently - is in love with her. 

P.S.  It was lovely to hear that folks liked the Valentine elf idea.  Your comments from "Good form"  to "planning to give this a try too" just added to my pleasure in doing this.  Thank you.








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