Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who is Black Velvet?

Well the snow is melting here and Puppy Weston and I are able to do the two miler safely again.  Lovely to walk but what a mess.  It saddens and amazes me what people throw out on the side of the road.  So this is the time of year where I start to pick it up - otherwise seeing it just spoils my walk.

For however many years I have been doing this walk around town, someone has been tossing Black Velvet Whiskey nip bottles out on the side of the road.

There are all sorts of bottles out but these are by far the most prevalent.

Thus, my lingering question:  Who is Black Velvet?

I have an image of a  gnarled, sunburned man with a crew cut in a beat up old pick up truck. Mr. Weston, who likes to be my devil's advocate, said it could be the lady who drives around town in the fancy car and who has the French nails.

I've asked at our local package store, and although they will not name names, they told me that these bottles only cost 72 cents.

Here is what I know about Black Velvet.  He/she imbibes year round.  Bottles are to be found always - daily.  There have been a few times when there have been no bottles and I have actually been worried that Black Velvet may have passed.

Black Velvet drinks two nips at a time.  Bottles are always tossed in pairs.
I'm not an archaeologist but these look like a recent toss...
Whereas these look like they have been there all winter.
Black Velvet has always stuck to the plain version of the brand but this year has branched out to the Toasted Caramel!

Now here is the hilarious part. Since I pick up the bottles and put them in our recycle bin,  I'm sure that the kind rubbish men who give Puppy Weston extra treats every Thursday only do so because they think that I am Black Velvet.
Despite Black Velvet we pass one of the cemeteries in town.  It is sad to see all the winter torn flags. 

Now that we can venture in again, it is always nice to fix as best as one can flags honoring  family and friends. 

One can pry the top staple out with a key and tack the flag back in. This will just have to do until the VFW replaces the flags on Memorial Day.


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