Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween with Georgie

I have the Halloween decorations out and the pumpkin is inexpertly carved and lit on the front step.  Candy has been bought - and for now is safely stored in the linen closet - otherwise I would eat it.  All is ready for the big night.

On Sunday my little neighbor informed me that I would never guess what his costume would be - this after he told me his Dad bought him a big, red pitchfork.  So priceless and adorable.

It would not be Halloween without Georgie.  I love this story by Robert Bright about a little ghost, Georgie, who suddenly finds himself homeless.

Each year I put my childhood copy -
now  battered and masking taped bound -
out on the coffee table.

As Georgie looks for a new home, each house is already occupied.

The only house without a ghost is Mr. Gloam's place.
Don't you just love that name?

My favorite line from the book - since used for anything big and grand.

The Darling Georgie

Georgie and Miss Oliver, the owl.

Thank you Robert Bright for originally writing for
Robin and Beatrice but ultimately for the enjoyment of many.

Image of Robert Bright
Robert Bright 
Apparently a dog lover as well...

All illustrations from Georgie by Robert Bright.


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