Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Wind Down

All my guests have left and the house is back to its usual quiet.  Somehow, after all the fun and conviviality, it seems a little odd.  It was a fabulous holiday weekend.

As the weekend progressed, there were lots of stories - old and new - and some juicy lines:

"We are meant to spend the day being thankful yet at the same time have want, want, want, buy, buy, buy thrust down at us via circulars and the media."  - Astutely stated by one of my favorite friends.  So true.

"Take care of the joint."  - This from  our neighbor Mr. R., as he ceremoniously handed Mr. Weston the spare keys to his house before he and his wife left for their winter stay in Florida.  He says  this every year and I love it.  Mr. R. was a WWII bomber pilot and he has a lot of delicious lines like this.

"Does anyone sell a sled any more?" - This from Aunt Pen as she disdainfully looked through the various awful circulars  that came with the paper.

"Be a blessing, not a bore."  - One of Mom's standards to children who are rambunctious in the noise level arena.   It still serves to silence.

None of us set foot in a store and personally, I thought that the only line worth standing in over the weekend was the $5 Felines at our local Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society - the former home of Puppy Weston and The Boss of the House - our cat.

Almost noon...
Bless these folks standing out in the cold on Black Friday
waiting for the Dakin to open.

Then, despite the cold we all traipsed outside to look at Orion in the night sky when my brother brought over one of the telescopes that he had made.  We also hiked up a local mountain in search of winter berries.

In contrast to the "no crop" last year there were thousands of them this year.

Some of what we picked.
Used for vases, wreaths, window boxes and urns.
Now, for the hard work of Christmas - not the gift buying but the trying to keep the reason for the season in perspective.  Along those lines, the Charlie Brown special is on tonight.

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