Friday, November 15, 2013

Work Wear

There have been mornings, this morning being one of them, where I have ridden up in the elevator to my office and wondered if I was going to a bar or discotheque. 


 I am often the only woman in the elevator who is not wearing things like:

  •  Mini skirts
  • Thigh high boots
  • High heeled sandals topped by ankle bracelets
  • See through blouses with strappy tops (thank God) underneath
  • Those really tight pants that get narrower and narrower as they go down the leg - you know the ones that flatter no one and make one's behind look gigantic

This being said, I've also seen more than my life time's share of cleavage in the elevator.  Sad to say that this comes in many varieties:

  • Fat and spilling out
  • Old and wrinkled
  • Tanned and tattooed
To paraphrase Jane Austen, I am being severe upon my own sex, but...
The impetus for this entry is the fact that this morning I rode up with a woman who was wearing a sequined top whose "wares were freely advertised."  (Dad's line.)

Sequins for work?  When did this happen and why?  I have no explanation and can only feel badly that my female elevator riders are compelled to wear club clothes to work.  In stark contrast, the men in the elevator are in suits most recently topped by nice wool coats.  This bothers me.  The women look like - well you know...

So what do I wear to work?  Mostly my travel clothes from my last job.  Meaning suits - with pants.  I like these because I can just blunder to the closet in the morning and put one on.  I don't have to bother with separates and that mixing and matching stuff.  I just do not have time now that I have a longish commute.  Plus, I am going to work to work - not to advertise certain charms.  Ugh!  How boring to be thinking about that kind of thing at work...

My suits range in quality and style.  I've bought really nice ones from various stores but have also found men's ones in thrift shops that I have had tailored.  This last has worked well for me - I have really long arms and legs and look like a silly gorilla in some women's clothes - most especially shirts. 

What's more - there have also been emergency occasions where I have had to venture into Mr. Weston's closet to "accidentally borrow" a shirt or some socks.  I then accessorize with a nice scarf, necklace, or bracelets.

Shoes?  Forget that loathsomely, stupid look of high heels with pants.  Loafers.  Nice ones. They last for years. - Mom and Gram are loafer gals as well.

So this begs the question of my style icons.


Marlene's suit -
Close to what I wear to work but no tie
but some times a pocket square

Suit envy

I have one of these that I found in a thrift shop - with hat.
Have worn for Halloween and costume parties.
The cigarette holder looks great but no smoking here.

Casual Marlene
I wear jackets and pants like this out to the grocery
again sans the tie.

This was featured in a Talbot's ad a few years ago.
Close to my work wear.

Katharine after the hurricane of 1938
Almost like my 'round the house duds.


 I know that everyone has a proclivity and right for their own personal presentation but why after all the advances that women have made, are women dressing as I have described.  Is it the media influence?  The lowering of standards?  Or a desire to look sexy and retain youth like magazines promote?  I don't have the answer. 

I'm sure that to the club women who share my elevator space, I must appear to be odd. Well that is just fine with me.




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