Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bachelor Father: Hysterical Date Lines

There are certain days when I get to work at home.  This is great because I recently made a tremendous and addicting discovery:  Bachelor Father!

This television show from the late 1950s is on Antenna TV at noon.  One golden day, I was making my lunch and turned on the TV.  There Bachelor Father (fondly referred to as BF for the remainder of this entry) was in all its undisputed innocence and glory.

The show stars John Forsythe.  I remember him only as the voice of Charlie from the Charlie's Angels repeats.  In BF, he plays the handsome and constantly dating, Beverly Hills living, lawyer Bentley Gregg. 

The premise of the show is that Bentley's relative  - not sure if it was his brother or his sister - and spouse died tragically in a car accident.  As a result, his teen niece, Kelly, has come to live with him.

One ponders:
  • Why no one is upset or remembers the deceased relatives - especially teen Kelly.  I suppose that would have simply ruined the premise of the show.

  • Kelly's front teeth.  One does not want to be cruel, but one is often distracted by the left front tooth that appears to be snaggled.  Not sure why. Perhaps it is the black and white.

Then there is Peter.  He manages the household and is a wizened gem.  He tells it like it is and often saves the day.

Bentley goes on many, many dates with of steady stream of apparently everyday 1950s glamorous women - the likes of which are never seen anymore.  I believe that they are extinct.

Women like this no longer walk the earth.
Perhaps the foundation garments required for these dresses had something to do with it.
Now for the hysterical date lines - this is why I love the show.   Bentley has uttered:
(updated as new lines are discovered)

  • "Now that you are here, I can start breathing again."

  • "The candlelight on your face gives the room the aura of a cathedral."

  • "Your loveliness reminds me of  the sun setting."

  • "Not even the stars can match the sparkle in your eyes tonight."

  • It doesn't seem possible that someone as lovely as you could have a legal mind."  (Yikes!  Said to a female lawyer - it was the 1950s...)

I can't top any of the above so just have to stop typing.


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