Friday, May 10, 2013

Bad Habit: "My Stuff"

I have the bad habit of reading those interviews in magazines where some celebrity divulges what personal items they use or have. This feature is often called My Stuff or My Favorite Things.

Horrors, Great Aunts Pen and June would literally give birth to cows over the thought of sharing this information publicly.

Anyway, the list typically runs something like the following with these popular brands:

  • Fragrance (Women):  Fracas De Robert Piguet -  Several celebrities have stated, "I was given it on my 18th birthday."

  • Fragrance (Men):  Women - Really?  Please keep that to yourself.

  • Lingerie:  La Perla

  • Journal:  Smythson - almost always

  • Stationery:  Mrs. John L. Strong

  • Linens:  Frette - for some reason almost every celebrity sleeps on these sheets

  • Watch:  Cartier Tank with Patek Philippe Twenty-4 as second.  This last one can "wear with a suit or at the pool!"

  • Luggage:  Louis Vuitton with runner up T. Anthony

 Why do so many celebrities have the same things?  Is it because they all want to appear important and popular?  Or does the same PR person provide this information?  Sharing it is just vulgar - yet it feeds my bad habit of reading.  I have no excuse except to make fun.

Like my Greats, I would never think to share this information publicly - except for the following:

Favorite Summer Fragrance:

Ticks being the operative word here -
We are already inundated.


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