Saturday, August 3, 2013

By Today's Standards

So I was at the library recently and there was a pretty summer display of books and DVDs for children.  Featured prominently was a newly purchased set of Shirley Temple movies.  Since I like old movies, I thought that I would  try one.  I took out "Bright Eyes."

Later in the evening, I sat back and viewed shocker after shocker - that is by today's standards. 

Just see below and pardon all the exclamation points.

Five year old Shirley hitchhikes alone to the airport!!!

First, this friendly truck driver stops!
She declines.

Shirley tries again and accepts a ride from the man in this car!

This is Uncle Ned, the curmudgeon millionaire
who ultimately has a heart of gold.
He is confined to a wheel chair.
The house is not appropriately accessible so
this is how Uncle Ned comes down the stairs!!!

The Shirley Antithesis Character -
she is really mean and always screaming.
I think I saw her in the grocery the other night.
She screams that she wants a machine gun
and points gun fingers at her father while
making machine gun noises!

Planes were called ships!
So charming...

American Airlines where I formerly spent
a lot of time - this plane looks more glamorous!
A private party for Shirley is held on this plane and
it taxis around the airport!
News has come that Shirley's mother has been killed!
This car is just pulls on to the runway to flag the plane down!

At the end of the movie, the mean girl
makes yet another nasty statement and
receives a terrific slap on the face
- in a court house no less!

The Movie


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