Monday, August 26, 2013

Call Me Lady!

So I was ordering some ballet tickets tonight and when filling out the form there was this drop down box for title.  Expecting the usual mundane, I was so excited to see this - my true title as already recognized by others!

When I have I been called lady?  Here is a sampling:

  • "Lady, it will cost $2,000,000 to have the pipe fixed."
  • "Lady, you are asking me?  I'm only the cashier!"
  • "Yo, Lady, learn to drive!" - the expletives deleted since this is a G-rated blog.
  • "Hey Lady, you blew one!" - Not sure what this meant.  It was shouted from a car full of what had to be Mensas as I stood on a city street.
Given this, of course, I selected Lady as my official title.


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