Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Day After the Fair

So we went to the fair yesterday.  Here are some photographs.

My favorite!
An erudite and white haired gentleman
had amassed a huge collection of milk bottles from
long defunct dairies -  when milk was actually delivered.
He was fascinating to talk to -
I took one of his cards to give to our Historical Society...

A sampling of the bounty of the county.

The winning gigantic pumpkin.
Preserves behind bars.
Apparently, a few years ago there was trouble -
not by misbehaving preserves but from fair patrons
handling them...
Too bad.
Hopefully the preserves had not been preserved in this kitchen.
Still, these old images were all around.
Another protected display.

Christmas tree vendors were advertising their wares.

Liked this fisherman's sweater in the craft hall.

Was impressed that someone actually had the talent to sew this!
Though one does not see any women
in our area wearing such things these days...

Great to look at - but oddly not locked up. 
Even better the recipes were posted.

Now speaking of food at the fair, I had a ton -  proudly all of it fried or sugary -  yet devilishly delicious!  There were chicken tenders in a crater of French fries, a fried oreo, a sundae, and something from a Cajun cart.  This was all washed down with a paper cup of really bad sangria in the beer garden.  I was grateful that I actually woke up this morning.

Historically speaking

 Visited with and petted lots of beautiful animals.  They were all locked up or confined.  Since they are not inanimate like the preserves, I always feel so badly for them and cannot bear to photograph them.

Meanwhile, thanks to Thomas Hardy for borrowing his title for this entry.



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