Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rock Music

Today I thought that I would treat myself to lunch and drove to a very pretty shopping center.

It is clear that a lot of thought was put into the design of the place because it is very colonial and in keeping with the overall tenor of the town.  It is quite nice with beautiful and well tended landscaping.  It was all so attractive that I practically skipped from my car in anticipation.

When I reached the sidewalk, I was quite startled to hear a man moaning at foot level, "Come back to me, oh oh." - then something about  a foreign movie. 

Thinking someone was intoxicated under the landscaping, I stopped and discovered the horrors of  fake-rock-garden-speakers. 

Discreetly placed behind a boxwood

The sound from this one assaults not only
passersby but this poor chrysanthemum

A well heeled lady, meaning that she had on a pair of Ferragamos, - noticed only because my attention was at foot level - stopped to ask what I was looking at.

I pointed out the fake-rock-garden-speaker.  We agreed that it was hideous.  Neither of us could identify the song, though the poor singer continued redundantly moan, "come back to me, oh oh."

So the question is, if fake-rock-garden-speakers must be placed in shopping centers, why can't they play sounds from nature instead of annoyingly bad songs?



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