Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fancy Drinks and Short Orders

So last weekend I made a quick stop at the local flea market.  Sadly, many of the vendors display things that one does not want such as - really bad socks that look like they would incubate athlete's foot and scary looking robotic plastic toys. 

But still there are vendors who have what I call good stuff - old books, furniture that needs refinishing that I have no business haggling over, and boxes that contain a crazy assortment of stuff.  Of course, none of the stuff is marked with a price and the moment one picks anything up it is immediately worth a fortune.

That being said, I was digging in one of these boxes and found a little package of old matchbook covers.  I was able to buy them for one dollar.

There was this one.

Gee, I sure would like to "dance till !" to Lester Grant's Orchestra. 

Not entirely sure where the Bungalow is.  Did only cursory research and came up with this.

Love the names of the original owners, Milbert and Lilly, whose busiest day of the week during Prohibition was Sunday.  The secret room that was thought to "hide slot machines and moonshine" is intriguing. Still this place in MN is unlikely to be the one of my matchbook, since it was only named the Bungalow Inn in 1969...

Until I can do more research, the fancy drinks and short orders are fruit for the imagination.


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