Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bat Aplomb = Great Hostess


So with a new job comes new social responsibilities.  Last Friday night I commandeered Mr. Weston and off we went to the home of the leader of my new institution.  I was giddy with anticipated delight.  What fun - more importantly, I did not have to cook.

We were having a delightful time sampling the hors d'oeuvres that were being passed around.  I was enjoying the baked Granny Smith apple slices with prosciutto skewered with brie in some kind of sauce - when a gigantic bat flew in.

I am not a bat expert, but I think that it had a terrifying 20 foot wing span.  This was discerned as it dived up and down amongst the guests.

It was one of those moments where people seemed to be frozen in time.  No screams, no panic. There was a stunned silence, a best behavior numbness.  Immediately our hostess, the institution's esteemed leader, put her skills into action and threw open the front door.  The uninvited guest soon exited.

No one dared to say anything.  Then, as if nothing had happened, our hostess exclaimed with a happy clap of her hands, "Now for something sparkling!"

Champagne for all!


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