Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Give Up The Garden

I was out early yesterday morning picking flowers.  It is a summer Saturday sublime thing to do.  Then one gets to feel extravagantly artistic when arranging.

Still, as I bent over with a grumble - OK it was a four letter word - to pull out what seemed to be the same piece of crabgrass that I had been pulling out all summer, I remembered the immortal words of the Greats - Aunt Pen and Aunt June,  the unintentional and infamous doyennes of this blog. 

"One must never give up the garden."

This was stated a few months ago when we went to a reunion.  As we sat at the luncheon table, a woman from their class was pushed by in her wheelchair.  The woman's name was Francis which the Greats pronounced as "Froncis!"

After appropriate noises in the way of greetings, there were the stage whispers once Francis had left.

"Poor darling thing."

"Remember when she dived off the bridge?"

"Who would have thought?

"Of course, it all started when she gave up her garden."

I inquired about this last and the general consensus from the Greats was that the decline of Francis began when she had her garden mowed down and replaced with lawn.  A veritable sin according to the Greats since "She had nothing to putter in."  Need I say that the Greats are great gardeners?

I adore my garden - most of the time and have accepted the fact that crabgrass is good for my health.



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